Who Should Win The Royal Rumble ?

The Road To WrestleMania will officially be kicking off Sunday January 29th when the 30th annual Royal Rumble heads into San Antonio, Texas at the Alamodome. WrestleMania 33’s card will begin to take shape as the winner will be guaranteed a title shot in the main event. Several other story lines may also form with surprise entrants and eliminations. Having such a huge venue , WWE will be planning to put on a big event to insure a sell out. With controversy marring the last several Rumbles, this years has promise to be unpredictable and highly entertaining. Adding in the dynamics of the brand split and the return of mega stars The Undertaker, Goldberg, and Brock Lesnar, the winner of this years Royal Rumble seems murkier than ever. Below I take my best crack at predicting the 5 WWE superstars with the best chance at winning 2017’s Royal Rumble.

5. Goldberg


Goldberg shocked the world by not only returning at Survivor Series this past November but also by totally beating the living hell out of “The Beast,” Brock Lesnar. This main event squash match against Brock is leading everyone to believe that the two will have a rematch come Wrestlemania 33. I was one who was 100% confident in such plans until several weeks ago when Goldberg and Roman Reigns had a stare down. With Reigns in the Universal Title Match against Kevin Owens, a win for both him and Goldberg could mean a clash at Wrestlemania. Spear vs. Spear! It may be a reach that this will happen but I would think that WWE has at least talked about it at some point.

4. Chris Jericho


DRINK IT IN MANNNNNN!!! WWE veteran and future hall of famer Chris Jericho has been able to reinvent himself yet again and has been on an amazing run. He has had many accomplishments throughout his legendary career but a win in Royal Rumble has eluded him. Many fans, myself included believe that Y2J is on a crash course to face his Best Friend Kevin Owens at WrestleMania. If KO were to retain his Universal Championship at the Rumble Chris Jericho winning the big match makes all the sense in the world. With this being a possibility, Jericho just made the list. The reason he appears so low is because after just winning the U.S Championship it seems their impending feud will be over this title instead.

3. Finn Balor


We haven’t been graced by the Demon King’s presence since his shoulder injury that has had him out since August. We are unaware of when he will return, but the Royal Rumble fits perfectly in the time frame that Balor could be completely healed. Since he was forced to give up his Universal Championship he has a built-in story for when he finally does make his triumph return. A win at the Rumble makes sense where he can then go on to fight either Kevin Owens or Roman Reigns. Either way both matches have potential to be really amazing. Of course, this all depends on if he is healthy enough to compete.

2. Braun Strowman


The former Black Sheep of The Wyatt Family has been on an absolute war path lately. After being separated from the stable during the brand split, Braun got a soft repackage and has found his lane. Months of obliterating jobbers has now lead to Strowman getting super physical with main event stars. The Royal Rumble could be his official coming out party to the world. It has been a couple of years since we have seen a monster heel like him so it’s clear he will have a dominating performance in the Rumble. With rumors of a possible Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman match at Wrestlemania for the Universal Title you have to think him winning it all is in the realm of possibility.

1. The Undertaker


The Phenom. The Deadman. The UnderTaker. The second he announced he would be entering this years Royal Rumble he automatically became the favorite to win. We all know his career is dwindling to an end so him being placed in the Rumble match means that it will be special for him. Literally any match that Taker could be in at Mania will be considered a main event. Whether he gets the dream match against John Cena or feuds with either AJ Styles, Reigns, or Owens for the title it would still be intriguing. Looking at who has been announced for the Royal Rumble already and what matches make the most sense booking wise, The UnderTaker is the clear number one favorite to win.


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