Royal Rumble Predictions: Alternative, Nasir, and Ahmed’s Winner Picks.

It is officially the Road to Wrestlemania kicking off with tomorrow’s Royal Rumble Pay Per View. Being one of the big “four” paper views along with Summerslam, Survivor Series, and Wrestlemania, the Royal Rumble is one event that is guaranteed to leave fans shocked at some point. This year is no different as it is hard to pick a winner for this year’s Royal Rumble match. With that being said, I Alternative, along with Nasir and Ahmed will be going through our picks for each match.

Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

rr8Nasir: Nia Jax is a monster heel. She has to win. Nothing else to say about this match.

Alternative: I agree.

Ahmed: I do not even know. Sasha’s been on crutches for weeks. I don’t really care, but I got Nia winning.

Cesaro vs Sheamus(c)- Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (RAW Tag Team Title Match)

20170123_kickoff_cesarosheamus_karlluke-ff2659d03e9a2c68ff356f6247855160Ahmed: Sheamus and Cesaro are going to drop the titles to Gallows and Anderson. The first reason why is because they have no one else in line to fight for the titles. The feud has to remain alive. New Day seems to be out of the picture, so I’m taking Gallows and Anderson. Cesaro will have a breakout performance in the Rumble match.

Alternative: Sheamus and Cesaro will win. Gallows and Anderson do not seem to be over in the WWE right now. They’re just boring to me. It seems kind of early for Cesaro and Sheamus to drop the titles after winning it at the previous pay per view.

Nasir: Gallows and Anderson are going to take the belts.I believe WWE was teasing us a couple weeks back when both teams fought for the titles, and there was a screwy finish to the match. For the Road to Wrestlemania, the heels need to be the champions so the baby faces can chase the champions. Gallows and Anderson take the title, while Enzo and Cass, New Day, and Sheamus/Cesaro will battle to face them at Wrestlemania.

Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, and Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, and Natalya

20170123_royalrumble_women-89b137b00109242906bd7e1011c44bc7Nasir: Heels win since they have a champion on their side. It does not matter who wins this match as it does not really affect the road to Wrestlemania. But I got Alexa, Mickie, and Natalya.

Alternative: I’m just going to go with the baby faces. They have looked weak lately on Smackdown, I think they need to be booked strong.

Ahmed: I got the heel team. I think this match is more about Mickie James returning and making her look strong. I think they have to win.

Rich Swann (c) vs. Neville (Cruiserweight Title Match)

20170109_royalrumble_swannneville-274ced054bbca3800f44d49940bf87bfNasir: Neville wins. A baby face will triumph over him at Wrestlemania, and Neville has been on a tear lately.

Ahmed: Neville is a monster and is dominating the Cruiserweight division. He wins.

Alternative: I do not watch the Cruiserweight division. Neville has been dominant lately, but I’m going to roll with Rich Swann.

Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Bayley (Raw Women’s Title Match)

20170102_RoyalRumble_charlottebayley--e61d90cd20c215a735e1a8ea1cf74352.jpgNasir: Champ retains. I keep using this argument, but a Wrestlemania loss makes more sense for a heel. Bayley is an underdog. She needs to fail before she achieves. She loses at the Rumble, but wins at Wrestlemania.

Ahmed: Charlotte is undefeated at Pay Per Views right now. Bayley is an underdog, but Wrestlemania will be her moment to shine because she is an underdog.

Doe: Bayley wins. Charlotte and Bayley need their feud to continue past the Rumble so Charlotte can use her rematch clause.

Kevin Owens (c) vs. Roman Reigns (Raw Universal Title Match)

20170109_royalrumble_owensroman-bc77331e13a3a047e23e11d8042adcff-1Ahmed: Roman. Roman. Roman. Roman winning. Nothing else there to it.

Alternative: I got Roman Reigns. There is no way he is losing another match to Kevin Owens. WWE wants him to be champion to go into Wrestlemania. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho will fight at Wrestlemania, and it won’t be over the Universal Title

Nasir. The Big Dog, Roman Reigns, my dude. You have to think Wrestlemania, ESPN, Good Morning America. Who do you think is going to have to promote Wrestlemania and WWE? Reigns or Owens? Roman is going to Wrestlemania as the champion.

AJ Styles (c) vs. John Cena (Smackdown WWE Title Match)

20170117_royalrumble_ajcena-a2b47e1293bb49dd5314e30d4599a961Alternative: Cena is champion at Wrestlemania. He has lost to AJ Styles three times already. He was pinned CLEAN at Summerslam. I do not see WWE’s creative team having him lose a fourth time. 16 time Champ at Wrestlemania.

Nasir: Cena will win at Wrestlemania to win his 16th title. It would be a picture perfect moment for Cena to win at Mania. AJ wins, but not clean.

Ahmed: AJ will win. He drops it two weeks later to Cena at the Elimination Chamber. AJ Styles will possibly fight Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania, and Cena will be set to do a program with another star.

Royal Rumble Match


Iron Man: Sami Zayn

Final Four: Braun Strowman, Randy Orton, Finn Balor, Chris Jericho

Braun Stroman is going to be the winner. Vince loves monster heels, and Braun is being built up to be the next great monster hell. He will be fed to Roman and they will put on a good match at Wrestlemania for the Universal Title. He will have the most eliminations as well.


Iron Man: Dean Ambrose

Final Four: Baron Corbin, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Braun Strowman

I had trouble picking a winner. This Rumble can go either way and is going to be very unpredictable. I’ll agree with my gut and Nasir and pick Braun.


Iron Man: Dean Ambrose

Final Four: Dean Ambrose, Undertaker, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe

The Undertaker wins. This is end with him. We will send him off as champ. Undertaker vs Roman Reigns is a possible money match that I would love to see.



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