SuperStar Shake-Up : 3 Trades That MUST Happen

This Monday , April 10th , WWE will be doing its first SuperStar Shake-Up of the new brand split. Monday Night Raw’s GM Kurt Angle and Smackdown Live’s GM Daniel Bryan will be able to make trades and give each of their rosters a new look. While many rumors are circulating about what moves may or may not take please, I offer my hot takes on the trades the would make both rosters hit full stride.

Roman Reigns For AJ Styles

At this point , neither The Big Dog or The Phenomenal One have anything left to prove on their respective rosters. After facing off with Seth Rollins, Rusev , Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, and Braun Strowman who is it for Roman Reigns realistically to feud with? Other than Samoa Joe there is no other top-level heel for Roman to face. A move to Smackdown will allow for him to have new enemies as well as to interject the blue brand with a top star. For AJ, he faces the same kind of problem. Besides the debut of Shinsuke Nakamura, there is no one for AJ to feud with. Moving to Raw though will allow for a huge possibility of opponents for him. Matches with Seth Rollins and Finn Balor have potential to be classics. If he turns face then rivalries with Kevin Owens or Joe will be just as amazing. Being on Raw will also leave the door open for the reunion of The Club.

New Day for American Alpha

Both of these tag team deserve a fresh start on a new brand. Since losing the Tag Team Titles a few months ago The New Day has been treading water. After feuding with every tag team on the Raw brand the New Day has been stagnant because they have no new challengers to face. Going to Smackdown they will have the ability to add comedy and star power to the brand. The possibility of them eventually breaking up can also add 3 new superstars to the Blue Brand. American Alpha has been forced to try to garner attention in a weak tag team division. They have tried as hard as possible but it just hasn’t worked out.  Going to Raw, they have the opportunity to face off against The Revival , The Club , Sheamus & Cesaro , and Enzo & Cass. With Kurt Angle now the GM of Raw some sort of mentoring or eventual teaming up will be a sight to see.

Sami Zayn for Kalisto & Dolph Ziggler

The Underdog of the Underground MUST make his way to the “Land Of Opportunity”. As a member of Raw he will always be apart of the second tier of baby face stars. While he will get chances he will continue to lose to the higher leveled heels. Going to Smackdown he will finally be allowed to be let loose and have meaningful feuds and matches. It is within the realm of possibility that within a year on Smackdown Live he will be able to win his first WWE Championship. As of now Kalisto is being used as a jobber. A move to Raw will allow him to join the Cruiserweight division where he belongs. Having Neville join the CW division has done wonders for his career and the same could happen with Kalisto. For Dolph Ziggler the answer for him is not easy. Once a main eventer he is stuck in mid-card purgatory. For a talent like this a constant shift for him makes the most sense. He should continuously switch brands allowing him to put on great matches with people and put the top stars over.


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