Making The Case For Extreme Rules Winner 

This Sunday, five of Monday Night Raw’s top stars will be battling in a Fatal Five Way match at the Extreme Rules PPV. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Samoa Joe, and Finn Balor are all looking to win and become the Number One contender for Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship. The last few weeks they all have gotten big wins and anything can happen at this point. I make the case for why each of the 5 men should win at Extreme Rules .


 Bray Wyatt 

Out of all five men in the match, Bray could use this win the most. After the bizarre feud with Randy Orton over the last several months he needs something important for his character to matter. Winning this match and facing Brock Lesnar could be that thing. Even though he would most likely lose the feud it still gives him something of relevance and lets his character get a little darker facing The Beast. Not to mention a promo battle between him and Paul Heyman would be epic.


Samoa Joe

At this point in his main roster journey Joe doesn’t need a win this big yet. With that said, him winning on Sunday would lead to an amazing feud with Brock. They both are portrayed as MMA badasses so a match between them can be stiff and physical. Heyman would give him nothing but respect while letting him know that he still couldn’t beat Brock. Since he is so new to the main roster, he probably will be the least likely to win at Extreme Rules.


Roman Reigns 


If not for the rumors that Roman and Brock will main event WrestleMania next year this is the clear and obvious match up to happen. The man who ended the streak and the man who retired Taker are on a crash course one way or another. They are Raw’s two biggest stars and a match with them will be treated as such at a major PPV. No matter what the critics say a match of this caliber won’t be decided at a B PPV.

Seth Rollins

Image result for seth rollins


Rollins finds his self in a weird situation where he is over but not at the level he should be at. He has been struggling to be a top baby face. A feud with The Beast Brock Lesnar can change that all. It will give something for Rollins to be passionate about and give his character purpose. He can be that baby face with an edge doing whatever it takes to stop his bigger foe. With the history the two have together it is an easy story to tell. But, because these two have a history together WWE will most likely be reluctant to revisit it again. Especially when they have another feud that makes even more sense.

Finn Balor


Finn Balor never lost the Universal Championship. Brock Lesnar has it. Balor vs. Lesnar needs to happen. Telling the David vs Goliath story will be great and they might actually let Brock really work. I wasn’t convinced of these two feuding but after Paul Heyman cut that promo on Finn I’m sure this is a money match. Who doesn’t want to see Finn as the Demon King trying to conquer The Beast?


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