Top 10 MMG Posse Cuts

In 2009 rap superstar Rick Ross created his own record label, Maybach Music Group. The MMG Empire has grown extremely strong since then, releasing 19 solo albums and 3 compilations with 5 albums going Gold. MMG has went on to sign artist from Meek Mill , Wale , Triple C’s , Omarion and French Montana. Through this extensive group of artist apart of MMG the best music they have is when they come together. Here I list the Top 10 Posse Cuts from MMG. In order to be considered for the list the song must consist of at least two artist signed to Maybach Music Group.

10. Slow Down – Torch ft. Meek Mill, Wale, Gunplay, Young Breed, and Stalley


From the classic EMPD beat to the combination of Triple C’s and the newer members of MMG everything about this song is great. All six artist are able to rap freely and lyrically with only a small chorus to restrict them. It helped to show the major versatility that Maybach Music Group has as a unit.

Best Verse – Torch 



9. So Sophisticated – Rick Ross ft. Meek Mill 


I often say that Rick Ross and Meek Mill don’t have a bad song together. So Sophisticated is a record that just boost that argument. It’s something about the combination of Rick Ross’s deep baritone voice and Meek’s brash aggressiveness that just sounds like magic. Add in the hard-hitting beat and they have something special here. Never in my life have I wanted to be sophisticated until this track.

Best Verse – Rick Ross 



8. That Way – Wale ft. Rick Ross and Jeremih 


With Wale already having released an album prior to joining MMG many questioned just how he’d fit in with the collective. Wale known for sharp lyrics and spoken word love songs being in a group with drug dealer gangsta rappers was intriguing to say the least. ” That Way ” answered all of those questions. The smooth melody of Jeremih on the hook blended perfectly with Wale’s style. He then goes on to give two phenomenal verses about his relationship with women. Ross closes the song strong with his typical smooth talking rap.

Best Verse – Wale Verse One



7. Ambition – Wale ft. Meek Mill and Rick Ross 


Confession time ; I’ve never liked this song. With that said I would be a fool to not include it on this list. As one of the lead singles off of Wale’s debut MMG album it helped to continue the dominant 2011 the Empire was having. It was one of the rare occasions where the 3 headed monster got together and created an introspective song. Wale and Rozay both had good verses but it is clear to everyone that Meek Mill completely dominated.

Best Verse – Meek Mill



6. BCGMMG – Stalley ft. Rick Ross and Meek Mill 


First off , this might be one of the hardest beats ever. Stalley typically a reserved laid back rapper was able to discover a new-found energy and kick it to another level. Meek gives out another strong performance while Renzel was able to go God mode. His voice and this instrumental sound like gold hitting your ears.

Best Verse – Rick Ross 



5. 100 Hunnit – Wale and Meek Mill 


Lyrics wise I think that this might be the best MMG collaboration song ever. Meek Milly and Folarin did the fusion dance and transformed into Gogeta. As far as songs go with two emcee’s going back and forth I put this song on par with “Otis” and “We Gonna Make It”. Wale and Meek were able to find a perfect balance of street, party, lifestyle, and bars into this one amazing song.

Best Verse – Tie 



4. Pandemonium- Rick Ross ft. Meek Mill and Wale 


When the new line up of MMG debuted in 2011 , the first few singles were geared towards radio play. Everything changed when Pandemonium dropped. Over 6 minutes long, Rozay, Meek , and Wale were all able to get into their bags. This wasn’t about having the hottest song or best beat. This was about seeing who could out rap the other. This was grimy and rough. This was bars. When I think of a posse cut this is the kind of song I think of.

Best Verse – Wale 



3. Power Circle – Rick Ross ft. Gunplay , Stalley , Wale , Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar 


Gunplay. As a member of Triple C’s Gunplay was Rick Ross’s right hand man and loyal soldier. His verse on Power Circle showed the entire world who he was. He was brash , lyrical, and witty. Words can’t truly describe just how good he did. Add that to strong verses from the rest of the MMG empire and a guest appearance from K.Dot and Power Circle was just that , a Power Circle flexing their dominance in rap.

Best Verse – Gunplay



2. I’m A Boss – Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross 


Remember when I said that Rick Ross and Meek Mill don’t have bad songs together. Well this is the record that started it all. As soon as the beat drops you are in for a world of trouble. Meek’s loud bravado mixes perfectly with Ross’s smooth demeanor to create audio crack. Seriously, it’s no way humanly possible you can hear this song and not feel it taking over you from deep inside. When people talk about summer bangers , “I’m A Boss” is what they mean .

Best Verse – Meek Verse One 



1. Self Made – Rick Ross ft. Wale , Meek Mill , Pill , and Teedra Moses


Lets do a hypothetical. Imagine it’s 2011 and you hear that Rick Ross has added new members to Maybach Music Group. You’ve heard of the names Wale, Meek Mill, and Pill but aren’t familiar with their music. You decide to buy the album and the first song you hear is Self Made. This song is perfect. It is the introduction to MMG and still their best song to date. These three rappers all give A+ rap performances to begin the reign of MMG.

Best Verse – Wale 



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